Laurent de Wilde y Otisto 23 – FLY

Media Selectah and VjThai were invited to perform at FESTIVAL MEDI@RTE XX celebration, as they had participated in previous editions. This time to  perform with realtime videocreation and Live Cinema for the artists Laurent de Wilde y Otisto 23 (FRANCE) on their Audiovisual Concert FLY, that involves piano, electronica and live improvisation.

FLY Mediarte

_FLY_ Piano concert and electronica
Interpreted by: Laurent de Wilde y Otisto 23
Special Guest: Vj Thai
Live Cinema and Realtime Videocreation
El Salvador/Spain
Friday 14 de september at 20:00 hrs.
Centro de las Artes – Teatro de las Artes –


FLY_ Laurent de Wilde & Otisto 23 feat. VjThai. Piano Concert & Electronica @ Festival Medi@rte XX from Vj Thai on Vimeo.


Other artists who participated at FESTIVAL MEDIARTE are:

Ariel Guzic            / Klaus Obermaier            / Scratch Bandits Crew  


_____FESTIVAL MEDIARTE Created in 2003, Festival Mediarte takes place every year in the city of Monterrey. This Electronic Arts Festival presents a panorama of contemporary creation that uses new technologies and multimedia. Presenting multidisciplinary proposals: digital culture, multimedia installations, sound performance, and new forms of interaction between the acustique and electronic.



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FLY Festival Mediarte1  


SAM_7387 SAM_7388 SAM_7394



Dume (Otisto23) gave me this promo CD after the concert presented in Festival Medi@rte. The music I had heard before the presentation were all online versions I searched in Google. We met the same day of the presentation at the theater to do the set up, get loose and do the concert, while a tremendous storm was out there in the city during the whole evening.


Once my participation with the musicians was confirmed through a series of emails between Otisto and myself, who had been previously vitrtually presented by José Manuel Blanco the Cultural Director of Alizanza Francesa de Monterrey. I read about their creative process behind every song in the LP, which they describe all in internet.
This gave me a start in my creative visual process too, and to use the live camera  to record a digital image of Laurent de Wilde´s hands on the piano, this to introduce the organic element in the visuals. And then as the song is lively being created from scratch  and digitally manipulated, the visuals deconstructs the images into somehing else, and they developt as the song does with improvisation.

SAM_4245 copy SAM_7406

This is the playlist, by Laurent de Wilde handwriting on my sketch book, where I had already wrote some visual ideas for the all the songs.

SAM_4245 otra copy

Photographs and Video Stills by Bethsaide Aime y Ariel Escarcega for Media Selectah.


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