Vide intervention by VjThai @ CASA VECCIA

for an exclusive ALL girl ART SHOWROOM happenning organized by Chics On Chics : HOT STUDIO – OCT 17 2010.

2 different areas of this antique house in downtown MTY were changed for that only nite with video projections of VjThai´s creation_

AREA 1. at the stairs area , in the beginning of the art cocktail, opening a distorted visual space for nature.


AREA 2. at the top of the wall of bricks in the patio central. it was proyected just above the dj. later that same nite, to invite the visitors to look up thorugh the beauty of the building and in to the sky.

Chics on Chics SHOWROOM was a one nite event in an antique house in the center of Monterrey, México.
Ilustration, photography, fashion, accesories, music, projections & performance by local&national female artists.
Featuring Dj May Crown + Dj Tania Danae.

Photos by Karla Rojas & Media Selectah.



Both video interventions were done from a second floor, which was out of use because of the aged house… so you could feel the pressure of time up there, the house seemed to be falling apart.

We used a Bluetooth 2,000 Lumens Proyector and a PC for DVD reproduction. I programmed 2 DVDs in loop with videos of my creation, without any credits and composed a sequence of 20 minutes each, one for each single channel video intervention.

We change the whole set up 2 times during the nite, using found furniture as support or table for the laptop and some old & dusty books for the stair installation too, the stair way was closed because they had falled down apart.



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