Where are you from? if a very often question for me.

Behind it is a long and a short answer, which one do you want?

The short answer is simple: From everywhere.


The long version is complicated but beautifull, worthy of being part of a book of migration stories.

There is certain mistery about Vj Thai´s origin, some say she comes from México, and sometimes she is related to places so far away as from Europe, Central America and even Asia.

The truth is she was born in Bangkok, Thailand, grew up in San Salvador, El Salvador; studied her professional career in Monterrey, México, where she fell in love, and where she  has lived half here life for now.

My “official” nationalities are Salvadorean because of my father and Spanish because of my mother. But my heart is totally Mexican and my soul is Thai.

This is my flag. It´s the beginning of a new series too…




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