Mantra II

Nowadays everybody seems to be looking outside of themselves for freedom, recognition, love, happinnes, something to believe in, faith or a path to follow… I believe mere contemplation of nature forms and nature´s perfection can make your mind ease and let your heart and yourself feel the connection to the universe from within, and feel at peace.
The Unísono series is a continous exploration for a universal frequency trough Auidovisual Mantras, where unity prevails. Beyond consciousness, the essence. Where all human beings can connect from our center and to the center of the earth, in a frecuency that vibrates in a continous sound with nature.
If we let ourselves contemplate and meditate the essence of life with our heart, maybe we can silence the mind. And then listen and feel the planet´s vibration, and so perceive that we are part of the master plan.
Part of the magic in the mantra consists in that you should not question about its meaning, because only then shall we trascend the fragmentary aspects of the conscious mind and perceive the subyacent unity.
From my contemplations of nature throught out many years I have found not only inspiration but a cosmovision of peace, love and the perception of this coded trascendental flow of communication without words and explanations. Through field recordings with video and photo I´ve been trying to grasp the essence of nature with a personal point of view that goes from micro to macro cosmic explorations, trying to decode nature to it´s most pure element beyond consciousness and rational thought.
Mantra II is the second video and mapping intervention from the Unisono series, where my emotions come at ease creating this ephemeral and organic audiovisual experience for others to feel beyond any preestablished convention. Through a large scale video projection & mapping, an inmmersive installation is created that is both ephemeral and eternal, that transforms a space and invites you to empty your mind.

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