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VjThai & Media Selectah were invited to a special event to celebrate the different creative expressions of Urban Culture and Hip Hop, with the best breakdance talent in the country at the biggest university in México UNAM: CULTURA URBAN EN CIUDAD UNIVERSITARIA.
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The show lasted about 2 hours,  it began with and audiovisual improvisation by MC VanT, Dj Under, Vj Thai and  a projection & video mapping design by Media Selectah.
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A multimedia portrait of Hip Hop culture  took place this nite, bringing the street culture to the theater, where improvisation of breakers, Mcs, Djs and Vjs from different parts of México was what made this arousing community come together.
vjthai cuencu unam
This is a video extract of the introduction to the final show, where Hip Hop final national battles were presented in a classical theater Covarrubias at Centro Cultural de la UNAM.

We had lots of fun meeting and sharing stage with great multidisciplinary talent!

Our special thanks to DANZA UNAM people: Vanessa, Angel, Maya and many others.


VjThai & Media Selectah designed live visuals for 2 multimedia interventions for the show, one for the introduction and opening show with VanT, and the other as a solo show with an Audiovisual performance and video mapping to present WILDSTYLE a tribute to old shchool Hip Hop.

It was a large format projection about 15-20 meters long, the biggest we coould get for 18K projector as main hardware. We did multiprojections with different materials and distances to create a great deep space in the theather. We used transparent, plastic and wall, to get different textures in video projections and interactions with the breakers, lighting,  and djs as part of the whole multimedia show. Our main software was Resolume Arena, After Effects, Quicktime player and others. Using 1 Mac book Pro and KORG MIDI controllers.


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