LATINSIZER (Static Records) _Festival FMEL Chicago

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LATINSIZER (Static Records) _Festival FMEL Chicago

Improvisation & Creation of real time visuals  for the artists

_LATINSIZER (MX/ Static Records) – LIVE ACT

NOCTURNE SHOWCASE also with Clorofila (MX/ Nacional Records), Kampion (MX/ Static Discos), Vj Gabriel Noguez (LA/Cargo Collective).




Photos by Carolina Sánchez & Ariel Escarcega for FMEL & Media Selectah.



In this festival I had the opportunity to do what I love the most, to travel and to improvise live visuals with total freedom. I got an invitation from the FMEL Chicago to do various live performances with Mexican electronic artists, to work for the very first time.

For the Static Records showcase with Kampion and Latinsizer, I listened their songs a few days before the show in Chicago city, just to have an idea. I didn´t want to have any references to their visual style, so I could create only based on the music. The sounds kept echoing in my mind, looking for images in my internal hard disk, and so they try to come out at the live performance, where I get to meet the artist at last while performing.

To visualize the live act of Latinsizer, I tried to create visual atmospheres, using a lofi aesthetic and a bit of vintage science fiction, inspired maybe in the original version of TRON the movie.

Video recordings of obsolete games to create visual sequences, remixing digitizing errors, and a bit of what I like to call Mexican glitch, are some of the futuristic effects done with the primitive techniques that I love.

With the Live Performance of experimental video and free improvisation, one is in the searching for moments of synchronicity between music and visuals. It is an  exercise that requires intuition, some kind of telepathy and a fun attitude to project a multimedia experience.