A performance which goes through past and future in an introspective way, just to reminds us to live in the present moment. It combines dance, performance, realtime visuals, from emotions to technology to create a new exploration of time and place.

The live videocreation by VjThai is able to react in an organic way to improvisations, and interact with the musical moment, tension or feeling conveyed by the interpreter. With a minimalistic visual approach of time as agrid in which the dancer seems to blend, interpreted by Radha Murillo.

Interpreted by Radha Murillo / Mezzosoprano, Dancer.
Special Guest: VjThai (Roxana T. Barraza) / Live Cinema
Coreography: Xitlatli Piña
Music: Murcof. Wellcome to Versailles.
Projection Design: Media Selectah.



GRADIVA (excerpt 01)_Dance & Live Cinema. from Vj Thai (Roxana T. Barraza) on Vimeo.


VjThai (Roxana T. Barraza) with Media Selectah´s collaboration, worked with dancer/singer artist Radha Murillo to developt MOMENTS a multidisciplinary performance involving dance, singing, realtime experimental video realization, video projection design, videomapping, electronic & electroacustic music, with different levels of interaction, to convey emotions and ideas about the present moment and a poetic protest against violence.

MOMENTS_ Contemporary Dance & Live Cinemais developt through 3 acts or AV performances. For which a specific projection design was developt in situ according to each of the 3 performances and individual concepts to convey different emotions. It was presented on 6 th to 8 th of July2012, at the Teather of the Center of the Arts. Monterrey, México.




 These beautifulpictures are taken by Gen Gibler for Media Selectah.


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